Kevin James

Do we really know that we are co-creators of our reality?   

"What are we doing messing with the idea of being in control of ourselves? Being separat from reality? Being separat from each other? Why do we need that? It's an old shell that doesn't fit anymore. I feel myself stepping out (...). It's something we have to do together because we are very much connected. What I am experiencing is that, it is not so difficult. It is actually natural." (About being awakened awareness and a co-creator)

Kevin James

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Kevin James has the last decade toured with his wife, Susana,
bringing mantra singing to communities throughout the world.  

Upon meeting Kevin I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that he had an exceptional talent for creating a sacred group space with his music, but I had no idea what he was going to share. And ironically enough this was one af his very comforting messages: let go of control and the need of knowing what to say and do. 

Of course, this is a whole different approach to life, if you are used to having a lot of self-control, which probably most of us have learned to some extent.

Kevin is commenting on modern culture in general and inviting us to see another deeper perspective on reality.

I find that intriguing, since we often look for solutions for solving our societal issues with analysis and data. Always look outside ourselves with our thought. To some extent this is also applied to our personal lives. Therefore it is a radical approach to start looking within for many of us. When we discover ourselves as consciousness there is another dimension that is opened. And as Kevin puts it, we start taking responsibility as co-creators. And from there we may take healthier choices on how we live in the world. 

After our interview I wasn't able to join the concert as planned, and couldn't share our interview with the world because of some personal issues. 

However, listening to our talk almost 5 months later, I was quite happy to really take in Kevin's messages. I find there is a lot of truth to his perspective. Kevin's stories from his life tell of a person, who actually chose to live another way. 

All though, all of us can't be mantra singers traveling the world, many of us can go from survival mode to awakened awareness in our consciousness. 

I for one am thankful to be reminded of this opportunity to let go and be more relaxed in my life. And who knows what may come when I am open to life's opportunities?

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