Lilo Aurora

Do you know how to liberate yourself?

"Just have fun. I think that's one of the most liberating things - or the most liberating thing - of living, and doing anything, is to have fun. Get out of your mind."

Lilo Aurora

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Lilo speaks with her heart. And you sense it.
When you listen to her.

Living an adult life can sometimes be so serious and worrying that you forget the playfulness. Lilo reminded me of this in our talk, where she stresses out that fun is liberating in itself. 

Now, if you consider yourself to be a serious spiritual person. which has put a lot of effort into meditation retreats and maybe even devoted your life to living a spiritual life, this message might be provoking to you, or merely shallow. 

But I think that there is so much wisdom in this simple message, because we learn too often to strive and perfect, what we think gives us satisfaction and succes. 

However, having fun is in itself not about any goal. But it is to be with the process and letting go of control. Fun makes us laugh and lightens the atmosphere. 

She mentions several times during our talk, how her perfectionism sometimes was in her way. But having led a life with the goal to achieve the ultimate performance on stage, wasn't satisfying in the long run. That was when she stumbled upon A Course in Miracles. 

For her it was a profound and life changing meeting, which resulted in her moving to a spiritual community and living a life devoted to spiritual ideals. 

In our talk she recalls how singing became fun again, when she was helping out a lead singer in a spiritual group.

As she puts it, "...ambition doesn't seem natural to me, but anything that comes from passion and love, does." That's actually how her songs feel like; natural. So did meeting her. You can listen for yourself; how listening to her voice sounds liberating in itself.

From now on you can hear Lilo on all of my episodes, since her and her partner's song, "If you wanna go home" will be in backround of my intro and the full version in the outro of each episode. 

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